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03.08.2020 — Zielgruppe: Hobbymusiker

Hello, I'm 26 years old guy who's trying to get back on track on making some noise but now in Germany.

I look for:
Other people who play something that can be complemented with my background with the aim of forming a band.

Now I am:
- Getting back to e-guitar (rhythmic).
- Trying to write some stuff to create some material.

I come from Mexico and I can speak English, Spanish and ein very bisschen Deutsch.

In the past i have:
- Sang, played the e-bass and synth (not all at the same time but one after the other) for a Marilyn Manson tribute band.
- Played the e-guitar for a few for a Punk band.
Everything I know was self learned since music has been mostly hobby for me. Never studied music (unfortunately) so do not expect a professional musician.

Main influences are:
Punk, Metal, Rock and Alternative. I in general am immersed in the punk & hxc scene.

Bands that definitely (but not only) influence me are:
The Distillers, The Runaways, The Stooges, The Casualties, The Cramps, Joy Division,
Alice Cooper, Misfits, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie , The Cure and.. many more.

Mel aus D-22117 Hamburg

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