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10.10.2021 — Zielgruppe: Semi-Profi

Hey, Im looking for people interested in a Visual Kei project. Mainly looking for guitarist, basist, drummer, vocal and text/songwriters, but if you play something else and youre still interested feel free to hit me up, maybe we can make it work :) For textwriters, itd be great if you can write English and/or Japanese texts. Now a bit about me :
I play guitar for over 10 years and Im a huge fan of vk and Japanese music. I write my own music (no texts tho :/) and I can sing a bit ( I could fill in if we dont find a better singer). If you have any questions feel free to ask, I dont bite ^~^;

PS.: Please only people who know what vk is and are interested in the style and genre.


"¢Discord - Ayato#3743
"¢LINE - legatus6666
"¢FB - Ayato Ketsueki

Waiting to hear from you. またねバイバイ ^-^/

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