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The Heat formed their band back in 1999. Since then they have been playing in local pubs and clubs. Their favourite club is the "Jenseits" in Hamlar near Augsburg. Manu, Franz and Joe were all born near Donauwörth. Nathan is the only English lad. He has been living in Germany for nearly 20 years. After visiting an Oasis concert (where Liam blow off his f.. head!!) in Munich back in ´94 he decided to start playing guitar and soon after Manu joined in. After a few years of dreaming of playing in a band in front of thousands of people.., they finally met two other fellas (Franz & Joe) who were also both raring to light up the bleak town of Donauwörth. They played their first sell out gig in Hamlar in 2001. The word spread that a new band was up and coming and since then their gigs have been sold out nearly every time. There is a special Vibe about them when you see them live on stage. You got the English sound roaring in your face, four good looking lads giving the ladies something to dribble about and this amazing groove smacking you in the face. Franz usually falls into a state of trance when the concert starts and doesn´t come back until the guys wake him up at the end... Their bass player Joe is a person hard to judge; one minute he is having a laugh, the next minute he will rip your head off and feed it to the lions. Manu "The quiet One", lets his guitar do the talking and the flirting. Might not say too much, but he always up and mad for it. Not much to say about Nathan, his nickname "Tiger on fire" says it all. If he´s in form and raring to go he will give you your moneys´worth. The line in their tune Mover the groover; "My voice our sound will take over your soul and mind", sums it up really. Beginning of 2006 they recorded their second mini album "Human Vibe". "Big Rumble" & "Hello" are two superb songs and have been played in pubs and clubs all over town. One of the crowds favourites is definitely still "You´re my angel", although the band doesn´t play it so frequently anymore. The song was written back in 1999; has a simple but "brain conquering" melody. Nathan performed the song live on Bayern 3 - a very popular radiostation in Bavaria - some years ago. They have performed twice at "Band of the year" contests in Donauwörth and Augsburg in which they both came second. One of the best gigs they played so far, was at the "Reuters Sport Hotel" in Neuburg, back in 2003. It was the only time they performed one of their most promising new songs "Voices in the wilderness" to the delight of their traveling supporters. In this part of Germany it isn´t easy to win over the sympathy of other people very easily, especially when you are trying to promote your own English songs. But the hard work seems to have paid off - The Heat are well known all around the Donau-Ries area. This year is going to be their year, and with upcoming interviews with local radionstations and various concerts planned, maybe it´s the start of a big thing...


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