Marco Gruettner


Marcos musicality became apparent at the age of five, when he first played the recorder and immediately showed great talent. Shortly after that he fell in love with the guitar, dedicating his time to understanding the intricacies of this instrument from then on.
After 12 years of lessons Marco started his career as lead guitarist, bass player and producer in several local Rock- and Popbands. Numerous exams and scolarships given by his music school allowed him to broaden his spectrum through singing and saxophone lessons as well as tuition in musical theory, already filling his day with music during his school years. His first international concerts initiated his passion for foreign cultures and he has made various, often spiritual, trips around the globe since then.
The progressive-rock project "Peerless" (2004) in which he had the opportunity to delve into various styles of music brought forth his first reording and production studio in which he recorded soloprojects and soundtracks as well as albums for several bands.
At the age of 19 Marco became a guitar teacher at the Yamaha Academy of Music (Cottbus) and toured with the Rock'n'Roll Band "Joe Vegas and the Rockabillys". Funk- and electroprojects followed, allowing him to experiment as leadguitarist and arranger.
From 2006 Marco made regular appearances as a solo guitarist at international Musicshows. These resulted in an endorsement contract with Carvin Pro Sound and Guitars in 2009. In the same year he finished his first solo album "Con Anima" and brought it to the hands of destinguished individuas in the Rock business as well as to the ears of his fanbase in private concerts.
Currently Marco is working on a new project in which he plays most instruments himself. Apart from music he likes to express himself in poetry and photography earning him his first vernissage last year with others to follow.



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