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02.02.2020 — Zielgruppe: Berufsmusiker

Looking For Unique Female Singer-Musician

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"

Wanna be a good part of the solution? Then try out for our special new band (original version was signed with MGM/USA). Must be an intelligent 21 - 38 yr-old woman full of love of life and interested in overall world improvement through your example as we make great new music. While fitting current Music Biz appearance standards, in this case persona and charisma are even more important than specific musical and vocal skills (we can gladly teach).

This will be a full-time evt. world traveling venture for a few years and so we require no outside commitments or attachments to enable 110% focus on the band with no normal distractions. Note: we need truly independent "entrepreneur"-types with EU permits, etc., as this is a mutually self-supporting commercially-oriented effort (with suitably attendant rewards).


1. Vocal sample (NOT in current Operatic-Vibrato style but instead in the NON-vibrato, non-"warbling" Original American Rhythmic Pop Style, especially "Higher & Higher" by Jackie Wilson (send one verse + chorus of you EXACTLY copying Jackie Wilson singing "Higher & Higher" if you want to be seriously considered)

2. Recent pics: face shots plus standing onstage (just standing also OK)

3. Bio including birth info: dd/mm/yy + place of birth

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