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22.07.2021 — Zielgruppe: Berufsmusiker

seek smart and happily HOT female singer

.... with COOL head, must be experienced, personable with charisma and free to travel extensively throughout Europe, working full-time ("on the road" once COVID-19 situation stabilizes) with re-forming highly experienced professional ex-USA band: Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, SUPER Originals and more

Must be naturally FULL of and exemplify for others the understanding that:

Love/Happiness is a useful and life-supporting feeling one generates inside that needs no excuse. cannot be sought, caught or bought .... and which is very nice to appropriately share

Commercially mass-mkt oriented only, originals + our own-style covers
(as in the Beatles, for ex., commercial mass-mkt does have to mean bad music! )

Note: earlier constellation signed with MGM/USA

Send easy voice sample, recent photos (incl. standing, esp. onstage) and bio (incl. date dd/mm/yy and place of birth) plus Skype contact info for 1:1 discussion to exchange details


Beside and beyond excellent musical art [we are seasoned signed creative music professionals], must importantly provide a good public example for people tired of ALL the old ways which no longer work by showing them how good happy spirits open new possibilities despite the odds we all face in this rapidly collapsing over-crowded insane world .... as we nonetheless continue to earn our way making great clever new dance, romantic and fun/funny music for the masses.

The "Media is the Message" as we become the media with our individually evolving selves: when you enter a dark room and turn on the light you simply add light. In our case also some really good new music. Simple but not so easy for most who are still stuck in a Matrix of fear and non-function.

So we welcome your light and music.

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Rich aus D-60311 Frankfurt

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