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09.08.2021 — Zielgruppe: Semi-Profi

Dear Berliner drummers,

we're searching for a drummer and/or percussionist to join us in a musical adventure, which we'd currently describe as a psychedelic project, literally and poetically. We're looking forward to receiving your contribution and help us to create and refine our own sound fusing many styles. What we play and our musical influences are quite diverse, some keywords capturing the thin line between genres and adjectives are for example: progressive, funk, space, latin, punk, acid, alternative, stoner, electronic, grunge, reggae, dark, cumbia, experimental, metal, folk, synth, kraut, noise, jazzy, post-... rock.

We've been playing for a couple of months already and we decided that we really want to pursue this project seriously. Our instruments are guitar, bass, synthesizer, and also drums temporarily with some singing lately. You can listen some of our previous jams here, but please be aware that everything was recorded with a cell phone and 100% improvised:

Now we're heading to the composition process, taking some of this ideas to create actual songs. If you are interested in this process it'd be cool, but if not that's not really a problem. But what's really important to us is that we envision this project as a collective and not a place where egos take the control. That's why we really want our music to be born in our collective jam sessions and take shape later giving them certain structure to become something else.

Our intention is to jam, to create songs, record an album, perform live in venues, festivals and hopefully tour in the incoming future. We see this a learning process where we want to have a lot of fun and very importantly, create meaningful friendships.

Currently we're playing on Friday nights in our rehearsal space in Lichtenberg, but we're quite flexible especially if you have your own rehearsal space or if we can find a new one.

Our level is quite good even though none of us is a professional musician, therefore it'd be good if you're not a beginner as well and very open minded.

Interested, motivated and committed? Please send us a message with your email, ideas and any recording of your music!

Thanks a lot and keep rocking!!!

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