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05.09.2021 — Zielgruppe: Hobbymusiker

numetal/rapcore - collaboration or form band/project together

Anatoly 36, -hobby level- bass/guitar & beat maker

-has a strong desire to gather a band with distinctive numetal tone
-has been creating ''some'' heavy beats with bass and guitar lines for many years
-is looking for connections to collaborate: write songs together, music videos, perform live :)
-especially interested in collaboration/project with vocalist that has strong skills for writing lyrics and vocal part for song. Other musicians are welcome too: I have a lot to offer for drummer, DJ, keyboard

Some demo Songs/Beats here:

Lets do together at least something like this:

Or this:

Or better!

This sweet beat, still has no voc, so lets do some hit! :)

I have
- very good possibilities for recording guitar and bass, mixing and mastering software-tools
- today: 2 new songs with native-English Lyrics/Vocal (not realeased) to do forward, you will hear some demo soon ;)
- new collaboration videos are coming soon
To communicate I speak Russian, Latvian, English and German.
Let’s do it together! If you have a desire and skills please contact me.


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