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29.10.2021 — Zielgruppe: Hobbymusiker

Hiya music lover. Wanna start an orchestra?

I am looking to start an amateur orchestra/musical community group in Berlin. It will be open to…
All abilities
All instruments
All ages
All walks of life.

If you’re interested, then read on...

Berlin’s music scene is brilliant but if you’re not in a band, a DJ, or a classically trained musician playing at the Philharmonie then you can feel a bit left out. I believe a modern orchestra can be made up of anyone. I believe a modern orchestra should play both Vivaldi and Bach as well as music by female, Black and other underrepresented composers from across the centuries.

All I have is an idea. I am hoping you would love to join me in finding new members and a (free or cheap) rehearsal space where we can meet, socialise, and practice some tunes! And hopefully, if we’re comfortable enough, play a concert to an audience one day. Because why should professional musicians get to have all the fun?

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