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10.11.2021 — Zielgruppe: Berufsmusiker

Need Practical Idealist Female Singer-Musician wanting to help Fix things in the World

.... actually we just need another to share the stage and alternate songs with cool talented Isha

MUST be Professional or expecting to be, noting that the original meaning of Profession is an occupation that is intended to HELP people (for money, etc.) as a doctor is expected to do.

We are in the process of re-forming an American band earlier signed with a major label, MGM/USA, this time with Europeans.

If you care about what kind of music YOU want to play, more than pleasing paying audiences with good feeling and good thinking music in whatever genres on which we all agree .... you are a selfish impractical Egotist and not suitable for anything, much less this. Not that an Ego is necessarily evil per se, but needs to be kept in its place, eh?

If you think things will improve by itself ... good luck and tschuuuus, baby!

If you are like what the Beatles said they were all about: LOVE, we want to hear from you.

Our JOKE Video under False Flag Pseudonym:

We let these intelligent birds help us make this funny comedy music vid to send as a "visit card" link. At this stage using a phoney band name, etc., and a totally "modified" old Beatle song changed more than enough to preclude copyright issues. It is NOT representative of our REAL music and NOT intended to go viral, nevertheless it just got more than 3,000 views plus Likes on TikTok.

Go figure ....

It is just a throwaway, since our REAL originals are REALLY good, several likely international Chart-Toppers, so they ain't gonna be thrown away for away free on the Internet, instead obviously saved for when we get re-signed again with a major.

This JOKE vid concept started because Isha did not know that male Budgies play games with mirror images (Kiki KNOWS it's not a living bird but doesn't care: think what people watch on the Internet). We also cut down Kiki's audio as he gets rebuffed by Star -- despite telling her "I Love You!" 2x -- so his vulgarity then is not so obvious (wonder where he learned that?). Further, though they actually "do it" once or twice every day we did not show that to avoid making some viewers jealous who may not be "getting it" so well and so often. Note that his first word to her in that segment is "Push!" [guess: "Cloacal Kiss" > look it up]. Anyway, being put off in the moment, Kiki moves on and more funny segments follow. Star does not get jealous as she well knows how to get his FULL attention when SHE wants! In the end (watch vid to see) ....

"Love and Let Love"

Look, in diesen Tagen, in denen Sie sich fragen, ob das Tragen einer Maske für Ihre Haut besser ist als Make-up während der "Dating-Intimität" .... that is Old Matrix Karma, and our goal needs your help to start the needed change from this shit -- for "Fun and Profit":

We use our music (can add yours when it fits) to get ourselves onstage before increasingly larger as individual examples of what the Dalai Lama told John Cleese: "When people laugh they can have new ideas". The world needs people to have new ideas ... the only way to save our species and the rest of the planet.


Not us. we are NOT Terminator Robots .. but our "real" music makes you Move & Groove like this:

If you think you can contribute, send bio including vocal sample / links and recent pics, onstage if possible

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Albert aus D-80337 München

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