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16.11.2021 — Zielgruppe: Semi-Profi

Wanna be in a great new band headed for the World Stage (earlier version signed with MGM/USA) making good money full-time setting personal examples to help masses change their Human Nature before Nature helps us all destroy ourselves?

In addition to your own material, would you like to sing on some cool new and very positive chart-heading somewhat Beatlesque original songs we are recording? We plan to cleverly promote them and us when done (have big-time international Music Biz connections plus proven "know-how").

Look, in diesen Tagen, in denen Sie sich fragen, ob das Tragen einer Maske für Ihre Haut besser ist als Make-up während der "Dating-Intimität" .... that is Old Matrix Karma, and our goal needs your help to start the needed change from this shit -- for "Fun and Profit":

We use our own Good-to-Great music (can add yours when it fits) to use ourselves as onstage individual examples of what the Dalai Lama told John Cleese: "When people laugh they can have new ideas". The world needs people to have new ideas ... the only way to save our species and the rest of the planet.


1. Why (would you be interested)?

2. What are your foreseeable future plans?

3. What is your current situation and would you be available to use Audacity to send tracks back & forth?

4. Can you travel?

Band is international, now spread across Europe; central coordinating contact currently in Züri/CH au moment till COVID gets stabilized.

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Albert aus D-10117 Berlin

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