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13.12.2021 — Zielgruppe: Berufsmusiker

Need Practical Idealist Female Singer-Musician to Record and Perform Hit Song

We have a SUPER new happy and cutely salacious "Gender Bender" very likely RUNAWAY mega-hit song (if properly recorded and backed by a major label). Already have one but it needs TWO women to record and sing it onstage in shows, TV. etc. (one lead, the other harmony parts) ... but we will ONLY use women who are totally committed to stay with the band and our True Purpose Raison d'Être which is to use our great music and personal example to help the decaying World Situation (see John Cleese's Dalai Lama quote below). We need to finish at least one label-backed World Tour after being re-signed with a major (original group signed with MGM/USA) and that could mean something like a 3-yr. full-time commitment once we all agree.

Just before the COVID onslaught, in a large show I was impromtu asked to start, I automatically did this as I happily contended with a disasterous children's guitar handed me to use. It had no strap and the wrong strings had been put on in all the wrong places by someone who had either not ever seen a guitar before or was high on LSD .. or both. I just stopped, laughed and fixed it each time. Strangers stopped me on the street for TWO weeks afterward and told how much they loved the "performance" (I sang OK).

Summary: using ourselves as onstage individual examples of what the Dalai Lama told John Cleese: "When people laugh they can have new ideas". The world needs people to have new ideas ... the only way to save our species and the rest of the planet. The old ideas are obviously not working and somewhere out there are new ones waiting to be found. We want to help grease the wheels for "Fun and Profit". Ours and theirs.

We are NOT Happy Dancing Terminator Robots .. but our music makes you Move & Groove like this old Berry Gordy song:

Sei Gesund (und Glücklich)

Möchtest Du Deinen Rhythmus verbessern? Schritt-für-Schritt Rhythmus Kurs für Einsteiger

Rick aus D-80539 München

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