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29.04.2017 — Zielgruppe: Semi-Profi

League of Equals interviewing 25 - 40 yr-old female singer-musicians

We are previously signed highly talented and experienced music professionals in the process of creating a special band intended for world tours in order to to use the opportunity not just for financial gain or fame (goes with the territory so "Deal With It") but to demonstrate the intelligent basis for "changing things" by simply staying happy and aware, each in their own ways. So we are looking for imaginative hard-working independent entrepreneurial forward-thinking realists like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Ghandi ... in an attractive woman (for realistically commercial reasons).

Must be either self-employed or independent or if currently working, in a position to be able to quit and join us "on the road". To be clear this is NOT a job and although at least one current member was previously signed with a major label, to maintain our collective independence so much as we can we all will be involved in the continuing process of finding initial work in tourist areas and so all share equally in job earnings.

The concept of independent entities working together for a common mutual benefit was evidenced in the old Hansa League, an alliance.

Are you a 25 - 40 yr-old female singer-musician (or seriously earnest wannabe!) who is or can be independent and able to freely work and travel? Do you like the Beatles? ABBA? Justin Timberlake? Jason Mraz? George Clooney? (if not, why not?)

Care to find out more?

Send vocal sample if you have, short bio incl. birthday, and recent pics showing how you do or might look onstage (i.e., standing up). Note that the music part came last here, and though it is obviously important, it must be alive in a person embodying the essence contained in the first four above paragraphs

And yes, already-skilled professional female singer-musicians may apply but will be held to the same as above

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