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14.08.2017 — Zielgruppe: Hobbymusiker

Guitar, Bass and Vocals wanted for Deep/Kraut/Dub/Reggae

We are three musicians from Berlin (keys/synth, git/bass/vocals, drums/perc) playing together music, inspired by the sound of Jamaica (60s/70s), Germany 70's, UK 80's and try to find our own sound of today for performing live on stage, chillin and dancing.
We love to improvise with instruments and effects based on few harmonies, a repetitive base line and some lyrics for nearly 10 years now It's rather about ideas, atmosphere, groove and sounds than virtuosity on the instruments.So we are very open to your ideas and influence!

We have our own nice session room in Lichtenberg. We want to play live and rehearse once a week for a few hours. We all have our day job and don't need to earn money with music.

Please send PM with your question or mobile number (Deutsch/English)

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