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“I cannot really tell where music comes from, I just close my eyes and hopefully it's there, then; on a good day, it just flows through me” 

Romantic, atmospheric, sentimental, melodic and intense Konstantine’s performances are usually described “music helps me establish a connection with my humanity, my essence to the universe”. With a style that dances between traditional and modern, an eclectic blend of contemporary sounds with classical sensitivity and a Mediterranean essence sculpted within a sophisticated harmonic and rhythmic context. Rich harmonies and a singing, sometimes haunting tone are his tools for expression “you can listen to a melody with a set of harmonies and then with a different one, the result can be totally different that´s why I’m constantly trying to improve my technique and knowledge so optimistically I can play more faithfully what I hear within my minds ears”.

A guitarist and composer from Greece who since 2013 is based in Berlin and has established numerous collaborations, “the move to a big city, especially one that’s full of young people pushing the boundaries to today's arts, was essential for me in order to grow as an artist”. His first connection with music was established at the age of 5 when he studied music at the National School of Music in Preveza, Greece. Later in his life he felt he wanted to expand his knowledge and command of the instrument and attended the online section of Berklee College of Music where he was awarded the Paul Simon Scholarship and earned a Master Guitar certificate for his studies in jazz improvisation and composition. “It was a life-changing experience for me” he recalls, “to be able to learn and communicate with world class musicians and teachers such as Bruce Saunders, Joe Mulholland, Rick Peckham, Jim Odgren and Bruce Bartlett”. 

“I very seldom hear somebody play with such a nice classical touch.” Frans Elferink – Luthier

"Playing his own music or music from other composers, there is always this calm and sweet melancholic way of interpretation, which is unique!" Helena Goldt - Contemporary/Opera Soprano

Learn guitar the easy way with practical applications of theory and harmony.

My focus is to help you obtain a clear and deep understanding of the fundamentals, how the fabric of music; melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre, functions as a unity and how it can be formed and reformed.

I work with a small selection of students and I treat each of them individually, we set goals together and with targeting exercises we aim to overcome shortcomings, build technique, demystify the fretboard and lean how to perform and improvise in a melodic and satisfying fashion.

If you are interested to learn more and discuss about my approach or take lessons, feel free to contact me.


"The first guitar teacher who inspired me to practise more and become a better musician. Really recommend Konstantine to anyone who wants to improve their game on the guitar" Rasmus Oxlund

"I must admit that Konstantine's approach is unique and optimised for happiness – during the first lesson we set a goal (to be able to improvise in my case) and each lesson we track progress towards this goal (we had our first little jam session by the end of the very first lesson, crazy, I know, but it sounds great)… I must point out that it's not easy to learn music and no music teacher has a silver bullet for you. You have to practice every day, simple as that. But after every lesson with Konstantine I am motivated and fully charged to practice, practice and practice (and have fun, it's a part of every homework)." Anatoli Makarevich

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